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Acorn Paper offers a broad range of food service products. We stock products from the largest manufacturers in the industry such as Solo Cup, Dart Cup, Win Cup, Reynolds Aluminum, Rubbermaid and more. We also feature Allied West Paper napkins, and we also offer specialty printed napkins with up to 5 colors in different sizes. Below is a list of food service products that are available:

Cups And Lids

Acorn offers both hot and cold cups with lids to fit offered in paper and foam. Sizes of paper hot cups vary from 6 oz to 16 oz. Our foam cups vary in size from 6 oz to 32 oz and printing is available. We offer translucent as well as plastic cups.

Plastic Cutlery

Acorn offers polystyrene cutlery as well as polypropylene cutlery made from 100% recycled polypropylene resin. We offer wrapped as well as bulk-packed cutlery in black and white. Most cutlery comes in 1,000 piece count cases. Cutlery dispensers are also available from SmartStock.


Acorn offers Hi-Impact plastic dinnerware, non-laminated foam dinnerware, and Aristocrat plastic dinnerware, which is ideal for applications where extra strength is required and is in a stylish contemporary finish. We offer medium black laminate foam dinnerware as well as Chinet Classic premium strength paper dinnerware. The Sage Collection is also available as well as other name brands such as Solo, Genpack and Dart.

Food Containers and Lids

Entrée carry out aluminum containers with lids are available, as well as economy 3 compartment home feeding aluminum trays, paper food trays and Strongholder Chinet cup holder trays are available. Plastic soufflé cups and lids as well as Conex Complements portion cups are available. A wide variety of deli containers with lids are available in foam, paper and plastic, as well as hinged take-out one part and 3 part containers.

Bakery Products

Acorn offers a variety of baking products such as baking cups and deli pan liners, as well as bakery tissue designed for hygienic handling and serving of pastries, baked goods, donuts and other dry products. Waxed paper, cake and pie boxes, sheet cake and utility boxes are also available. Also available are pop-up foil aluminum sheets, interfolded foil sheets, heavyweight dry waxed sheets used for wet and dry sandwiches and grease resistant red check sheets, as well as kraft paper rolls.

For more information on Food Service Products or for a quote, please contact an Acorn Certified Packaging Specialist.

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