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Strapping and Tying

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Acorn Paper carries an extensive line of strapping, banding, and tying supplies and accessories. We carry strapping equipment for hand or machine use.

Steel Strapping

Steel Strapping

Regular duty steel strapping is a low carbon form of steel strapping made for low to medium usage. Use for package reinforcement, unitizing, palletizing, box closures and bundling. High demand sizes of steel strap are 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 1-1/4" and all gauges from .015 to .029.



Plastic Strapping (Polypropylene and Polyester)

Polyester Strapping

Acorn carries an extensive line of polyester and polypropylene strapping in a multitude of widths, colors, core sizes, and break strengths.



Polypropylene Strapping — Machine Grade and Hand Grade

Plastic Strapping

Polypropylene strapping is the most commonly used and least expensive of all strapping materials. It is light and easy to apply and recycle. Characteristics include high elongation and elongation recovery, but low retained tension. Available in both manual and machine grade, it can be sealed with buckles, seals, heat seals or friction welds. Polypropylene is best for light duty palletizing, unitizing, carton closing and bundling. It is used in all semi-automatic strapping machines and nearly all stand-alone arch machines.



Polyester Strapping — Machine Grade and Hand Grade


Polyester is the most rigid of all strapping materials. It elongates significantly less than polypropylene and retains tension over a longer period. Polyester is nick resistant and can be sealed with seals, heat or friction welds. Frequently used on heavy-duty loads that need high initial tension along with high-retained tension. Common applications are empty cans and bottles, lumber, and heavy, rigid palletizing. Polyester is available in both machine grade and hand grade and is easy to dispose of and to recycle.

Acorn Paper Products also carries buckles and seals for both steel and plastic strapping, twine, plastic strapping tools, and strapping kits.

For more information on Strapping and Tying Products or for a quote please, contact an Acorn Certified Packaging Specialist.

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