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Acorn East offers a broad range of janitorial cleaning supplies. Acorn features paper towels and toilet tissue from the largest manufacturers within the sanitary paper industry such as Wausau Paper, Kimberly Clark and more. The following is a small list of categories inventoried:

  • Waste Receptacles

Toilet Tissue

Toilet tissues offered are; coreless rolls, standard roll, jumbo roll tissues, and Euro core jumbo tissues, dispensing equipment is available on all types offered. Kimberly Clark and Bay West offer Green Seal toilet tissue for customers with environmental concerns.

Paper Towels

Paper towels offered are up to 1000 feet in length, which means less changes and more savings. Green Seal roll and folded towels are offered and dispensing equipment is available on all paper products.


Trash can liners from high to low density for all types and sizes of trash receptacles, bags for sanitary napkin disposal and dispensers.

Odor Control

Technical Concepts, Time Mist, Fresh Products and Big "D" Am Rep. Dispensers are available from each manufacturer.

Environmental-Conscious Products

Acorn Paper's focus on the environment with Green Seal products by Bay West Paper — offering Green Seal paper towels and toilet tissue with dispensing equipment to match. Brulin & Company has a variety of Green Seal safe chemicals upon request.

Wipers and Wiping Materials

Kimberly Clark Corporation combined with Legacy Corporation offer a wide range offering of wiping materials such as: Air laid, hydro knit, cloth rags, and disposable wash cloths. Acorn has a wiping solution for each task to be preformed.

Skin Care & Personal Hygiene

The latest technology in hand soaps is available from Germstar, GOJO, Dial, Purell, and Boraxo. Personal feminine hygiene products are offered by Rochester Midland and Hospital Specialty with brands such as: Tampax, Stayfree, Gards, and Maxi thins.


Brulin & Company & Bio-Pro offer the finest products available within North America today, from low gloss, high traffic programs to high gloss super store programs. ReKrete waterless petroleum stain removers are used to permanently remove oil from concrete. Brulin has a full offering of Green Seal products available for all applications within the cleaning industry.

Floor and Carpet Care

Brulin & Company & Bio-Pro have everything you will need for your floor or carpet. Brulin has the latest technology in floor care and carpet care within the industry. Bio-Pro with products such as Urine Off Multi purpose cleaner can safely remove urine deposits from carpet and hardwood floors.

Storage & Material Handling

Rubbermaid Commercial and Wesco hand trucks, platform trucks, modular outdoor storage sheds and more are available.


For more information on Janitorial & Sanitary Products or for a quote, please contact an Acorn Certified Packaging Specialist.

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