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Reducing Your Overall Purchasing Costs

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As a supplier, Acorn East has always looked at the various ways that we can add value for our customers. All businesses are under pressure to reduce costs and operate more efficiently. We take pride in consulting with our customers to review their packaging requirements and presenting improvements that will reduce overall packaging costs. We are continually presenting new and innovative packaging concepts to our customers to determine the most effective way to package and protect their products.

Internal Procurement Costs

Have you ever looked at your internal procurement costs? You should consider the following questions:

  • How much does it cost to purchase several different items from various suppliers?
  • What additional administrative costs are being added by having to match multiple purchase orders in your accounts payable department?
  • What are the added costs of issuing several checks per day to various suppliers?

At Acorn East we reduce your overall costs by offering you the ability to single source your packaging and janitorial products.

Reduction of Supplier Base to Lower Costs

How many different departments of each supplier does your purchasing staff interact with each day when issuing a PO? Your purchasing personnel are likely dealing with your suppliers' customer service, logistics, accounting and other departments. Multiply the number of departments you work with at each supplier by the number of suppliers you are using for your packaging, shipping and janitorial supplies, and you may get quite a shock!

You can eliminate these extraneous actions by partnering with Acorn East. By utilizing Acorn East as your one source supplier for your packaging, janitorial and other supplies you remove redundant transactional steps and increase operational efficiency.

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